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Growing up in Jamaica, I have always been fascinated by the level of confidence that most Jamaican women display. Most Jamaican women are usually direct and are not afraid to say what is on their minds. They are also huge risk takes when it comes to fashion. However, the main thing that I admire about Jamaican women is that they love their bodies no matter what size they are. Due to my interest in this area, I devoted a few months into researching this topic. I asked samples of both Jamaican and American women to rate their levels of self esteem and body esteem.
The results I obtained were somewhat expected as Jamaican women were found to have higher self esteem and higher body image than American women. I thought that this was so mainly because of our culture. Some persons were chastised for being too "mawga." Also, I have heard from a few Jamaican men that "boi, mi love when fi mi ooman have likkle meat pon har bone." Another thing I noticed is that during carnival or "dance," women of all shapes and sizes wore skimpy clothes and not caring what other people thought. Once 'she' is confident that she looks good, then no one's opinion usually matters.
A popular Jamaican personality who brought the term 'fluffy' to the world level
A Jamaican beauty queen who would be considered as a 'slimas'             
Whether 'she' is a fluffy or slimas, 'she' a say one!
Is this trend changing though as more Jamaicans are being influenced by the American culture? Will Jamaican women always have this level of confidence?
Do you agree that our Jamaican women are more confident than most?